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Services we provide for you:

Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss any of our procedures and prices before you decide which treatment is best for you! We will then customize each proceddure to ensure that your experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

*  Lip liner and full lips

*  Eyeliners

*  Eyebrows

*  Beauty marks (make and remove)

*  Camouflage (Baldhead, Scar, Stretch Marks)

*  Eyelash perm and tint

*  Dry Needling (MCA) - non-surgical wrinkle removal

*  Ear candle therapy

*  Correction for old shape and color

*  Remove tattoo

Correction of:

  • Eyebrows (too thin, light, uneven, or hard to do make-up)

  • Thin lashes, eyes that look dull, time consuming eyeliners

  • Thin or colorless lips

  • Facial lines that give older looks

Permanent Make-up

Give yourself the fresh start that you need




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After the correction:

  • Eyebrows look more full, darker and the unevenness are permanently corrected

  • Eyeliners look moderately darker, as requested. They are framed and accentuate the eyes to look brighter

  • Lips look more lucious with a light natural color added. They can be modified by regular make-up if desired

  • Client's facial lines are permanently lightened for more refreshing and youthful appearance


Any woman who uses eyebrow pencil will love having the Permanent Make-Up.  It will look better than her own Make-Up, but won't need to be applied every day.  If her brows are really sparse, Permanent Make-Up can save her about 15-20 minutes every morning


Small amounts of pigment are applied at the base of the lashline, making lashes look fuller.  A solid  line, small dots, or a soft "smudged look" can be achieved.

Lip liner or full lips

Colors that are used for lip liner mimic natural lip color and available in many shades.  The liner corrects asymmetry and adds definition and fullness.  It can reshape your lips.  The line can be applied lightly for a very natural look or more heavily for more dramatic look, depending on the client's wishes.

Camouflage for Scar

Color is matched to the skin tones and then applied to the scarred areas to match the surrounding skin.  In some instances, the scar will actually seem to disappear.  Treating scar tissue with Permanent Make-Up can be a very rewarding experience.

  • Treating scar due to hair implantation.

  • Treating scar due to breast surgery.

  • Treating scar die to face lifting.

Bald head

Baldhead or head cover up after hair implant for a more natural look.

Dry Needling (MCA= Multitropennic Collagen Actuation)

Cosmetic Dry Needling or MCA facelift is non-surgical procedure that will help rejuvenate and revitalize your whole face. It will improve blood and energy circulation, nourish your skin and increase collagen produntion to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging and dull skin. Through the use of fine disposable Permanent Make-Up needles can help balance the energy within these pathways to restore and maintain health.


Are you looking to camouflage a scar or get fuller looking lips?

Stop by today and get help from an expert!


Permanent Make-up


*  Pain control

*  Weight control

*  Facial treatment

*  Lose hair treament

*  Acne treatment

*  Ear candle therapy

*  Herbal peeling

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