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Ever Beauty Clinic offers you competitive advantages compared to other clinics in the area. Our Skilled technicians constantly study the latest trends and are capable of preforming permanent make-up according to your personal style and preference. We cater to men and women of diverse ethnicities and with different types of skin and color.

• Eyebrows

Any woman who uses eyebrow pencil will love having the Permanent Make-Up.  It will look better than her own Make-Up, but won't need to be applied every day.  If her brows are really sparse, Permanent Make-Up can save her about 15-20 minutes every morning.


• Eyeliners

• Eyeshadows

• Lip Liner / Full Lip

• Eyelash perm & Tint


• Camouflage for scar

Color is matched to the skin tones and then applied to the scarred areas to match the surrounding skin.  In some instances, the scar will actually seem to disappear.  Treating scar tissue with Permanent Make-Up can be a very rewarding experience.


• Correction for old shape and color

Eyes look dull with thin lashes. After permanent make-up correction, look clear. Correction in the eyebrows or lips those are too thin, light, uneven, or hard to do make-up


• Beauty Marks (Make & Remove)

“Beauty marks,” are actually considered attractive. But, some moles are bothersome to some people.


• Training

Learn the art of permanent make-up with our artist Diny Park. These courses will teach you the art and techniques of applying permanent make-up. You will be provided a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


   * Language: English and Korean


• About Diny Park Ph. D.,  L. Ac

Diny Park is a permanent make-up technician, instructor, and an acupuncturist at Ever Beauty Clinic. She has a Ph. D in Oriental Medicine along with a state approved license in esthetician. She has been practiced these professions over 30 years.  And several plastic surgeons have been referring their patients to her. Numerous clients including celebrities and the clients from abroad come here for their permanent make-up.


•  Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine

•  California Licensed Acupuncturist  (L. Ac 13170)

•  CA/National Phlebotomy (CPT 40613)

•  California State Board Licensed Esthetician (Z47472)

•  California State Certified Permanent Make-up Instructor COAFS-03-371672

•  International Medical Hypnotherapist  IMHT804-360




We work with your personal needs!

Our several years of experience and practicing has given us the skills to in preforming a natural and/or remarkable look that is totally focused on your personal preference.

One of the most sought after beauty procedures we provide here at Ever Beauty Clinic also include the camouflaging of skin in areas such as, scars resulted by plastic surgeries (breast, hair yransplant). These procedures will assure an even appearance in both tone and texture of the skin.








Restore your

natural beauty and confidence


Are you looking to camouflage a scar or get fuller looking lips?

Are you looking to learn the art of Permanent Make-up? Take our Wake up with make-up training course.


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