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Hair Treatment

   For hair restoration, we use Acupuncture, Herb, and Microneedle Therapy (MT) with MTS solution.

Acupuncture and herbs can be helpful for hair loss by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and supporting normal follicle function.

  Microneedle Therapy with MTS solution for hair restoration stimulate natural repair pathways to support skin and scalp healing and maintain healthy hair growth. Scalp skin is comprised of several layers. The outside layer is called the stratum corneum. This scalp skin layer prevents microbes and chemicals from passing through, entering the body. This layer can be penetrated by 0.75mm microneedle.

  The Microneedles penetrate the epidermis of the skin, which is the upper layer, where they encourage the skin’s own repair and hair growth mechanisms and also increase the effective penetration and absorption of topical hair loss treatment products.

  We have excellent results on the (acupuncture, herbs, and microneedle therapy) combined hair treatments.


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