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New Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candling is a healing art that has been practiced since ancient times.   Rock paintings show the use of ear candles at medicinal ceremonies and in certain rituals. Ear candling is sometimes referred to as ear coning, because the ear “candles” are hollow and open on each end, like a cone.  They are traditionally made of cotton or muslin cloth dipped in wax and rolled into a taper shape.


In an ear candling session at Wellness Within, your therapist will put a couple of drops of garlic oil in each ear and massage around the ear until the oil has had a chance to move down the ear canal.  In addition to excess wax, the ear canal may contain fungus and yeast that can lead to ear infections and pain.


As you lie comfortably on your side, the therapist will insert an ear candle lightly into the opening of your ear, just enough so that smoke will not be able to escape. The experience is gentle and comfortable.  The other end of the candle will be lit, and as it burns down your therapist will continue to  massage around your ear from all sides, always keeping a hand

between you and the flame.


As the candle burns, a light suction, known as the chimney effect, is created.  In addition, the movement of the flame creates a gentle vibration of air within the candle.  These two effects produce a feeling of warmth and massage on the eardrum, balancing pressure within the ears and sinuses and relieving pain.  Clients often report better hearing, clearer breathing, and a heightened sense of smell after treatment.

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