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Correction old shape & color

Correction of:

1. Eyebrows or lips that are too thin, light, uneven, or hard to do make-up

2. Thin lashes, eyes that look dull, time consuming eyeliners

3. Thin or colorless lips

4. Facial lines that give older looks

Don't spend another day in pain.


Let our experts help you with all your aches, pains, stress, and much more with the ancient art of acupuncture and acupressure.

Our purpose is to help as many people as we can with our care!


After the Correction:


1. Eyebrows look more full, darker and the unevenness are permanently corrected

2. Eyeliners look moderately darker, as requested. They are framed and accentuate the eyes to look brighter

3. Lips look more lucious with a light natural color added. They can be modified by regular make-up if desired

4. Client's facial lines are permanently lightened for more refreshing and youthful appearance


Choose from our permanent make-up  services.

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old shape and color